Awesome Interview Process 🤩

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Company Info

  • Website:
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Reviewer Info

  • Name: Paskalouis Patressi
  • Twitter: @paskalouis
  • Process for Role: Software Engineer, Frontend

Interview Process Summary

Scripted Questions?No
Typical DS and Algo Questions?Sometimes
Live Coding?Yes

Rounds Description

  1. Online Coding Test: Candidate will be given Online Coding Test from Codility in order to pre-assess candidate ability to solve problems. Some roles, have edge-cases tests to assess efficiency from the solutions.
  2. Tech Live Coding: Upon passing first step, candidate will be called on-premise to meet with HR to talk about their expectation and technology with their compensation expectation, then proceeds to User Interview. Given a case where you need to code something by the User. Front-end roles need to develop something from the design screen, and Back-end roles need to effectively and efficiently analyze the case, also implement Data Structure to their solution.
  3. Tech Live Coding 2: This step focuses on more deep / harder level question that needs to be solved in 2 hours. In this step, candidate will be tested by their adaptability to cope up with developing simple application with limited time constraint as efficient as possible. The assessment will be held together with interviewer, as interviewer will ask about candidate’s codes and path of logic. Candidate is expected to answer the question, and explain their code as simple as possible.
  4. Tech 3: This step may act as candidate’s bar raiser, if candidate have worked in the same field for n years. There will be discussion regarding past projects, achievements, and challenges they have been through, and how they overcomed it. This may be subjective based on candidate’s experience. This step also to assess the candidate cultural fit into the company to make sure the candidate have and will held upon the company values.
  5. Medical Check Up: Do medical check up to check candidate’s health.
  6. Offer Letter: Candidate will receive the offer letter via email, with their accepted position.


  • Rounds(approx) - Total number of rounds. This an approximate number. Can vary depending on what role you’re applying for.
  • Scripted Questions - Describes if the company asks questions which are kind of direct bookish questions or can be easily found on internet infact on the first result page on google 😛. Example: Write a function to print first 100 fibonnaci numbers, How does event loop works, write a polyfil for X etc.
  • DS and Algo - Describes if the company asks DS and algo questions which which are kind of direct bookish questions about data structure and algorithms instead of a real life problem.