Awesome Interview Process 🤩

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Company Info

  • Website:
  • Location: Bangalore, India

Reviewer Info

  • Name: Prateek Gogia
  • Twitter: @reeversedev
  • Process for Role: Frontend Engineer

Interview Process Summary

Scripted Questions?No
Typical DS and Algo Questions?No
Live Coding?Yes

Rounds Description

  1. Exploratory Discussion: This round is mostly about the candidate knowing the company and vice-versa. They don’t only expect the candidate to tell everything about himself/herself but also they are equally curious to tell about the company as well.

  2. Live Coding: This round depends on the type of role a person is applying for, I applied for Frontend Developer role. This round usually expects a candiate to be calm and open up for the discussion, the round not only expects how a candidate approaches a problem but also how he/she shares their thought process about choosing a technology, the good practices and most importantly the right attitude.

  3. Architecture Round: This round involves how a person would design their whole application in general. Expectations from a candidate may vary depending on the years of experience. They don’t expect a full-fledged solution but again the approach is something which matters.

  4. Lunch: As a part of their culture, after architecture round, they take the candidate for lunch to know better (which I personally liked it because that clearly justified their welcoming attitude)

  5. Managerial Round: This round is typically focussed on the cultural fitment of the candidate. Manager tells about the team a candidate will be working in, what are the responsibilities he/she has to take. All other questions that candidate might have are totally welcome.


  • Rounds(approx) - Total number of rounds. This an approximate number. Can vary depending on what role you’re applying for.
  • Scripted Questions - Describes if the company asks questions which are kind of direct bookish questions or can be easily found on internet infact on the first result page on google 😛. Example: Write a function to print first 100 fibonnaci numbers, How does event loop works, write a polyfil for X etc.
  • DS and Algo - Describes if the company asks DS and algo questions which which are kind of direct bookish questions about data structure and algorithms instead of a real life problem.