Awesome Interview Process 🤩

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Company Info

  • Website:
  • Location: Remote

Reviewer Info

  • Name: Kamlesh Chandnani
  • Twitter: @kamlesh
  • Process for Role: Staff Engineer Frontend

Interview Process Summary

Scripted Questions?No
Typical DS and Algo Questions?No
Live Coding?Yes

Rounds Description

  1. Cultural Fit: The process starts with cultural fit round where (I personally really like this approach) the interviewer asks some basic set of questions which helps them identify whether the candidate will be a good fit for their team. This is interesting since if the candidate is not culturally fit then it doesn’t makes sense to take it further and this saves time of both the parties.
  2. Technical Discussion: This round is focussed more on what the candidate has done in their past, what are their aspirations etc. Based on this the interviewer asks few questions which reveals how much the candidate was involved in the projects they mentioned and also gives the glimpse about their technical skills. If the candidate has qualified this round they are given a gift voucher as a token for their time. I really respect Gatsby for this initiative!
  3. Pair Programming: This round is focussed to assess the candidate’s programming skills and how they perform in a time boxed environment. Depending on what team are you interviewing it could either be focussed on solving some half done PR, creating some design components etc.
  4. Mentoring: If you’re applying for a senior role you’ll be asked to mentor a team member who are in their initial days of the career and you need to teach them some topics which would help them enhance their knowledge.
  5. Take home assignment: Once the candidate has been qualified in all the above rounds they are given an assignment which is a paid project. Again appreciable initiative.
  6. Negotiation: This round focusses on compensation discussion.


  • Rounds(approx) - Total number of rounds. This an approximate number. Can vary depending on what role you’re applying for.
  • Scripted Questions - Describes if the company asks questions which are kind of direct bookish questions or can be easily found on internet infact on the first result page on google 😛. Example: Write a function to print first 100 fibonnaci numbers, How does event loop works, write a polyfil for X etc.
  • DS and Algo - Describes if the company asks DS and algo questions which which are kind of direct bookish questions about data structure and algorithms instead of a real life problem.