Awesome Interview Process 🤩

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Company Info

  • Website:
  • Location: Bangalore, India

Reviewer Info

  • Name: Kamlesh Chandnani
  • Twitter: @kamlesh
  • Process for Role: Frontend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Principal Frontend Engineer

Interview Process Summary

Scripted Questions?No
Typical DS and Algo Questions?No
Live Coding?No

Rounds Description

  1. Exploratory Discussion: This round is mostly about the candidate knowing the company and vice-versa. This gives clear idea to candidate if they are interested in the company and also let’s the interviewer know if the candidate is interested in company’s vision and goals.
  2. Technical Discussion: This round is focussed more on what the candidate has done in their past. Based on this the interviewer asks few questions which reveals how much the candidate was involved in the projects they mentioned and also gives the glimpse about their technical skills.
  3. Problem Solving: This round focusses on solving some real life problems unlike plain old DS algo round. During this round the interviewer plays the role of a product manager and gives the problem related to what the candidate would be doing in their day to day activity at work. Both of them brainstorm on the problem where the candidate describes the flow, design and architecture as they proceed and the interviewer keeps on asking questions and keep on enhancing the problem statement like a normal product manager would do.
  4. Take home assignment: After the Problem Solving round is over the candidate is asked to take the problem that they discussed and implement the solution as an assignment task. Once they submit the assignment the code is reviewed by the interviewers and then the candidated is called to give a walk through of the code and also answering the queries during the call.
  5. Managerial Round: This round is typically focussed on the cultural fitment of the candidate and compensation.


  • Rounds(approx) - Total number of rounds. This an approximate number. Can vary depending on what role you’re applying for.
  • Scripted Questions - Describes if the company asks questions which are kind of direct bookish questions or can be easily found on internet infact on the first result page on google 😛. Example: Write a function to print first 100 fibonnaci numbers, How does event loop works, write a polyfil for X etc.
  • DS and Algo - Describes if the company asks DS and algo questions which which are kind of direct bookish questions about data structure and algorithms instead of a real life problem.