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There's a massive disconnect between the interview process and the work you would be doing in the company on day to day basis. Interview process is one of the major problem in our industry which is broken but less often discussed or being worked upon. It's a problem for both the candidates and the companies.

  • For candidates if the interview process is dehydrating they will lose interest half the way during the process and won't join the company because interview process also revelas the cultural aspect and the tech focus of the company.
  • For companies they often miss on the good talent because of their legacy processes.
Jobs are a two way process give and take in which the candidates looking out for a job are not just looking for another company to work for just for the sake of money they look for the mutual relationship with the company where in they can contribute with their skills and help their own as well as the organisation's growth since they are planning to invest their valuable asset i.e Time.

There are few companies who have understood this and crafted their interview process so well and I believe they were able to change it because of the people within the organisation who have been part of old processes and felt it should be fixed.


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